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UX Designer

Design is a key aspect of user experience work. A user experience designer can be expected to fill a variety of requirements including:

  • Knowledge of user centered design methodology and UX techniques
  • Expertise in user interface design
  • Ability to design in collaboration with user researchers, business analysts, developers and copywriters
  • Talent for creating wireframes and advanced prototypes
  • Strong sense of visual design

UX Researcher

In human factors, specialists strive for a project-wide understanding of the interaction between humans and the application or service, so as to optimize human well-being and overall performance. A user researcher can be expected to fill a variety of requirements including:

  • Knowledge of cognitive science and human psychology
  • Ability to research user behaviour and expectations, including developing end-user personas
  • Ability to implement a variety of UX research methods including usability testing, contextual inquiry, card sorting, focus groups, surveys and questionnaires, competitive analysis, heuristic evaluations, information architecture, and quantitative and qualitative research

Information architect

The structure of information is crucial to the usability of an interactive system. An information architect has a number of responsibilities during the creation of a product or a service, including:

  • Knowledge of information science
  • Ability to research the audience and the business objectives
  • Experience in analyzing information and content requirements
  • Ability to organize and develop menu and navigation systems, organizational structures, wireframes, site maps and content, based on analysis of user behaviour
  • Skills in copywriting and collaboration in a creative team

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Joëlle Stemp

Senior UX Expert

Joelle  is president and co-founder of Yu Centrik, a Montreal firm specializing in user experience design whose mission is to design things, products and services that can improve and change people’s lives.

With a background in communications and a talent for design, Joelle began her career as a designer specialized in human interaction. For five years she was part of a user interface research team at the Computer Research Institute of Montreal (CRIM) and that’s how she became addicted to human factors.

She has spent the last 20 years involved in projects related to user experience and media convergence, including digital TV which she is very passionate about.

Yu Centrik is the Canadian partner of UXalliance, a global network of specialists in user experience whose objective is to conduct research and offer a standardized high quality of services and methods internationally.

Annemarie Lesage

Annemarie Lesage

UX Director, User Research & Design

Annemarie holds a PhD in Environment studies. Her research focuses on the autotelic experience (or the emotional Peak) as a dimension of the user experience.

She now leads Yu Centrik’s team of analysts, UX strategists and UX designers, while integrating collaborative design to our ideation and innovation process.

Annemarie’s first UX related post was with XMod in New York, Sapient’s user experience modelling group. Since 2003, she has taught various classes at Laval U. (co-teaching design research in 2005), Concordia, UQAM and the University of Montreal (experience design, since 2010).